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By AR. Iqra Wazir | Photograph Courtesy By ElekEn Associates

Enginner Asghar Siddiqui is the engineer and CEO of ElekEn Associate . The reputed firm by founded in 1990 by the pioneer enenginner and has done more than 1200 projects in the sector of Health Care, Hospitals, Commercial, Residentials, Industrial, etc. Mr. Asghar Siddiqui hasb set new trends and introduced new technologies in the field of Electrical Enginnering in Pakistan. He gained a concolidated 5 years experience in operation and Maintanance, Excecution Projects Managments and Consultancy . He successfully applied the gist and essence of his gained experience in his own firm, making it one of the leading consultancy firms in Pakistan.

ARCHI TIMES (AT): Before we begin talking about your enginnering, it would be good to know you as a person and your educational background?
Asghar Siddiqui (AS): IF passions and profession ideal solution. I wanted to be an architect but by default I become electrical engineer and graduated from NED University in 1985. At ElekEn, what I am doing is that I am connecting with the youth, promoting them so that in future people will know ElekEn more than me. I have made three of my personally trained engineers, as my legal partner due to which even when I plan to retire from ElekEn, the company will go on and continue to prosper. Our firms operating in Pakistan. We have one of the stongest team of 45 members with overall 14 graduate electrical engineers, cost enginners, associates site enginnerfs, draftmen, administration and support staff in our organization.

I would like to mention the name of my mentor Engr.Asharaf Kareem (My Ashraf Bhai) who has playe da pivotal role in making this filed interesting for me.

ElekEn- Rejuvenated:

In the year 2016 , ElekEn ha become has a partnership company. It was on my biggest dream to convert this Man

company into So in order to transform my vision into reality, I nominated and made three of my most efficient, brilliant and My young and dynamic partners are: Engr. Azfar saleem, Engr. Mojiz Mehdi and Engr. Hammad uz Zaman. I hope and wish, they will re inforce and grow this tree to serve our country in future with same spirit and passion.(Ameen)

AT: Also tell us about your professional career experience, it’s up and downs as you are working since so many years?
AS: The dilemma I faced after graduation was what should be the next step?.Tn had major interest in architecture and wanted to stay connected with this field and architects as much as possible. So, consultancy was the only profession through which I cold achieve this target staying within field.

I studied the salient features required to be a good Consultant. Theoritically there are two major thing that a Consultant should k know and well conversant with:

*Engineering * Economics 

Engineering without economics is a common practice in our country. People tend to save money from Consultant’s fee but never think about the cost and quality of works, which may suffer without a professional consultant.

There are four other tricks of trade which a consultant must equipped with, before starting their practice:

  • Operation and Maintenance Issues
  • Execution
  • Project Management and Design

I gained experience in  all these four fields to get Command  over my profession. After 5 years I started my own business in 1990. Talking about the ups and downs.

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