Electrical engineering is ElekEn’s area of emphasis. Having a vast, diversified and inspiring experience in the field of electrical services, we provide full range of electrical system solutions that meet the challenging power needs of the time. We work closely with our client’s right from concept to commissioning and to performance testing. It’s only after having thorough infrastructural knowledge of each project and listening intently to our clients’ particular requirements that we arrive at the best suited electrical solution.

ElekEn makes sure of designing electrical solutions that are low on power and cost, and high on performance and sustainability. With qualified engineers and continuous market research, ElekEn’s dynamic and energy-efficient electrical solutions continue to make their way up in the global market.

  • Power Generation
  • Power Distribution
  • Power Generation
  • Power Distribution
  • Illumination
  • Earthing / Grounding
  • Integrated Building Management System
  • Fire Alarm and Suppression System
  • Data and Voice Communication System
  • Paging / Background Music System
  • Nurse Call System
  • Local Area Networking
  • CCTV System
  • Access Control System
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • CATV System
  • Audio Video Intercommunication System
  • Energy Management System
  • Under Vehicle Inspection System
  • Q-Management System
  • Parking Guidance / Management System
  • Canteen Management System

Specialized Services

At ElekEn, we believe in designing electrical solutions which unite form and function and are energy-efficient to the core. Factors like sustainability and cost-efficiency are also considered as crucial while designing each electrical solution.

Out of our broad spectrum of electrical solutions, there are four fields of electrical services in which we are proud to have special expertise. These include:

  • Generation / Cogeneration
  • District Energy System
  • Illumination / Lighting
  • IBMS (Integrated Building Management System)
  • Parking Guidance System
  • Vetting, Review and Value Engineering

Generation Co-generation and District Energy System

At ElekEn we realize the growing power needs in Pakistan as well as the world and offer best power solutions which deliver greater power and higher efficiency. We stand proud as market leaders in generation and cogeneration with our wealth of knowledge about the best equipment and processes, in addition to the vast market experience.

ElekEn is at the leading edge of design for low energy, high performance buildings and systems. Two key issues for today’s organizations are steady rise in fuel prices and growing environmental concerns. At ElekEn, we take pride in our district energy systems which produce steam, hot water or chilled water at a central plant and then pipe that energy out to buildings in the “district” for space heating, domestic hot water heating and air conditioning. Our district energy systems can run on a variety of conventional fuels like oil, natural gas, coal etc, and because of their size, can also transition to use renewable fuels such as biomass, geothermal, and combined heat and power. Moreover, buildings equipped with our district energy systems have lower capital costs for their energy equipment as they don’t need conventional boilers and chillers. And more interestingly, ElekEn’s district energy systems save building space that can be used for other more valuable purposes.


Our bigger Cogeneration projects are covered by our associates Ainul Abedin Consulting Engineers, a specialist consultant company. The competitive edge we enjoy together in generation and cogeneration owes to the technological advantage and market knowledge that we possess. Based on the project’s type and needs, we recommend the right generation/cogen solutions to our clients which ensure efficiency and sustainability without breaking their budget.


For more information about Ainul Abedin Consulting Engineers, visit www.cogen-unlimited.com

Lighting System And Controls

With a diversified experience in the field, we at ElekEn know how lighting designs vary from project to project to meet the building’s essential purpose. We base our fully integrated lighting consultancy on both the nature and infrastructure of the project and unique client requirements. ElekEn’s expert lighting consultants know that every single project requires specialized lighting strategies and has its own budgetary and design constraints. With architecture getting more and more intricate and power needs rising further up, illumination design is continuing to get more challenging than ever.

With the expertise of combining appearance and functionality, ElekEn provides lighting solutions which satisfy client’s aspirations and harmonize with the project’s architecture. Power consumption is one factor that is most taken care of while devising individual lighting solutions. At ElekEn, we go the extra mile to design the most energy-efficient and creative lighting solutions.

ElekEn provides most high tech solution for centralized lighting control integrated with other LV and ELV systems, not only in office buildings but Malls, Auditorium, Hyper Markets, Conference Hall etc.

Integrated Building Management System

With buildings getting taller, more complex and multi-purpose, a new need for managing their various functions from a single point is emerging. ElekEn’s design for an integrated building management system (IBMS) features engineered systems within buildings to effectively ensure building safety, security, and comfort at a reasonable cost.

While designing our IBMS systems, we consider all the key factors which include design, structural behavior, building safety and security, occupant comfort, facilities management, sustainability, and life cycle cost analysis. IBMS solutions are fully integrated and help diverse building functions to work collaboratively. The building management solutions, ElekEn offers, cover the building envelope from all aspects ranging from systems for safety and security of the building to information technology, energy management etc. Some of the systems offered by ElekEn’s IBMS are as follows:

  • Fire Alarm and Suppression System
  • Access Control System
  • CCTV System / Under Vehicle Inspection System
  • Parking Management and Guidance System
  • Audio Video Intercommunication System
  • Paging / Background Music System
  • Nurse Call System
  • Energy Management / Centralized Lighting Control System
  • Queue Management System
  • BMS
  • Canteen Management System
  • Security / Intruder Alarm System etc. etc.

Parking Guidance & Management System

ElekEn is proud to be the first to have introduced a one-of-its-kind parking guidance and management system in Pakistan. Our parking guidance and management system is a highly innovative and practical solution to the growing parking troubles specially seen in bustling metropolises like Karachi.

The system works extremely intelligently and save the driver a great deal of time and trouble to find a vacant parking space. An electronic panel at the entrance of the parking lot transmits complete and clear information about the entire space distinctly identifying the free and occupied parking areas. As soon as a vehicle passes through the car park entrance the guidance system directs the driver reliably along the shortest route to the next available unoccupied parking space. Numerous LED display panels installed throughout the car park guide the drivers to the zones and isles with unoccupied parking spaces. Variable routing by means of graphical arrow symbols and use of intuitive multi-coloured signs are just few of the many features of ElekEn’s car parking guidance and management system.

Vetting, Review and Value Engineering

In addition to our direct engineering services, ElekEn also provides vetting, review and value engineering services on others’ designs with the help of our virtuoso engineers. It is ElekEn’s multi-disciplinary approach that makes it the consultancy of first choice. Our value engineering services are directed at analyzing designed building features, systems, equipment, and material selections for the purpose of achieving essential functions at the lowest life cycle cost consistent with required performance, quality, reliability, and safety. Our integrated, holistic approach helps to reduce running costs without impacting on clients’ aspirations and offers alternative design solutions to optimize the expected cost/worth ratio of projects at completion. We create and promote ideas for maintaining or enhancing results while reducing life cycle costs.