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It was in 1989 when Mr. Asghar H. Siddiqui, with a sound five-year long experience in MEP consultancy and project management, decided to launch his own engineering venture, christening it ElekEn. He proved his mettle through perseverance and quality engineering and served for some of the country’s major clients. The good work focused on client satisfaction and based on the most current industry standards and innovations, gave a boost to his clientele, and projects both local and foreign came flooding in. ElekEn’s victorious 19-year lifespan is full of numerous landmark achievements that include a range of mega projects with some of the biggest names in the fields of architecture and engineering. 

ElekEn, having started from a one-man enterprise, has now grown into a company of 30 plus workforce and is geared up for further local and global expansion. With more than 600 completed projects in its portfolio and many other impressive projects in hand, ElekEn is fast becoming a household name in both local and international

Building Construction, Contemporary Design, Engineering Furniture Houses, Industrial Innovation Minimal

  • Location:


  • Client:

    Falak Naz Group

  • Architect

    Ali Arshad Associates

  • Status

    In-Hand (Construction Stage)

  • Built-up Area

    120,000 Sft


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