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We are trying to convience the Utility Company to overcomes such issues but nobody from thiers end seems interested in resolving such issues.

AT: What would be your suggested measures to be consider for reducing electrical loads in building?

AS: The electrical loads can be reduced by many ways. By using appropriate  materials, e.g.,  Inn bakht Tower the air-conditioning load had been reduced from 3.7MW just by changing the specificationof glass. If right  selection  of material is made in accordance with our climate then it will play vital role in decreasing the electrical loads. When Architects design the layout , they should keep in consideration the requirement od natural light in spaces and not overdo it.

AT: Have you had chance to work in the Dubai or in other countries, what differences do you see in approach to electrical design? 

As: Yes, we have  done work abroad as well. AlGhurair Gold

Refinery in Dubai and RAK Medical and dental College in Ras Al Khaima are our major projects completed in abroad along with other residential buildings. The Consultant over there has full freedom and power. There are  authorities like DEWA, FEWA which assures the quality of work done  with right approach  without any deviation in specification and standards.

ElekEn has a vast experience of working with foreign architects and International Developers  in Pakistan like Emaar and Giga Groups, AKU Hospital  buildings etc.

AT: Do you have a dream project – something you haven’t done yet?

AS: Definitely! I do dream of having an energy efficient building with:

  • Least carbon footprints,
  • Highly effective lighting  with minimum power consumption,
  • Hybrid renewable energy source like VAWT and Magnetic Tansducer Generator
  • Nice Façade lighting etc.

AT: Do you find that you have a good client base that you work with regularly?

AS: There are a number of regular clients who are either architects, Developers and End  users. We have set the trend of consultancy for developers with the support of Engr. Abdul Razzaq Associate , Saima Group in the beginning and later on Machiyara Group and Imtiaz Stores etc.

ElekEn is working with the respectable architetcs like Arshad Shahid Abdulla, Habib Fida Ali, Arcop , tariq A Qaiser , ARA , Ahed Associates , Arch Vision, H3 and Al Imam Enterprises on regular basis.

AT: What are your opinion about the use of solar energy in buildings in general and houses in Pakistan?

AS: I am not against the usage of  Solar energy but its application is critical, as how people are utilizing this technology without considering the proper paraments in totality. People are rushing to intall the solar system at their

premises by  untrained and non- professional people who are just doing trading, not selling a system. An appropriate pre installation feasibility study may make this technology further efficients and use ful. Very few Clients seems interested in hiring a consulting services for it as they believe it is not a consultant’s job. Except few,  Traders are designing and installing the Solar system.

We can go for  vertical  Axis Wind Turbine installed on Roof-top of high rise building where you can wind most of the  time. It acquire lesser space than Horizontal Axis WT and generate more power. High density buildings should install Magnetic Transducer Generator< running successfully  in Canada and  Africa. Which requires zero fossil fuel.

AT: What kind of projects do you enjoy more? And what projects do you currently have on the boards?

AS: I like to do projects where we can use new technology, innovative ideas for energy efficienct, and lighting to explore the creative side of my field.

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